21st century online dating

This is a powerful new technology, with online dating websites for seniors as well as mainstream sites.

You can browse through hundreds of profiles of single ladies from the comfort of your own Barcalounger, save the most compatible ones as your “favorites” and send them a message or chat with them live online.

She still feels ties and loyalties to her previous life, so keep it safe and low-key on the first few dates. Find some daytime activities, like a walk in the park, a visit to the museum, a matinee movie or even a trip to the mall.

Have an early dinner at a casual restaurant, offer to fix that door on her garage that she mentioned and wash her car, or invite her over to join you and some friends for your famous grilled burgers and chicken legs.

We offer some tips and talk about sites like Truedater.com, which aims to weed out the fictitious dater postings.

A lot of things have changed since your first adventures with dating the ladies when JFK, Nixon or Reagan were in the white House — flying cars, weekend junkets to hotel casinos on the moon, world peace.

And before you even get that far, creating the right online profile is essential to moving beyond just being "browsed."As part of a CNN Radio special, CNN Headline News anchor Erica Hill and I hosted a radio show discussing the opportunities, pitfalls, and the best way to make online dating work for you."Modern Dating" is available as a podcast at CNN.com/podcast.

When it comes to physical intimacy, you are really back at the high school sock hop with a big-eyed girl who wants to remain pure and good.

Especially if she hasn’t been dating for a while, it can be very intimidating for her to feel that she has to dress up and get her hair done for a date.

Allow her to feel safe and relaxed, and all will be well.

But, if you are interested in the ladies of your generation, give or take a decade, then you’ve all been riding in the same time machine, so no worries.

You might still swear by your four-on-the-floor transmission and your mechanical typewriter, but don’t underestimate the power of online dating.

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