4chan dating website

The evidence at this point is compelling and circumstantial.

Outraged accusers have vandalized the 28-year-old’s profile on Rate My Professors.com, and at least one claims to have hacked Clanton’s profile and made purchases under his name.

One masked black bloc terrorist was photographed several times taking swings at attendees—at 15 seconds into this video striking the head of an unsuspecting man in a red shirt; at the two-minute mark in this video attacking a man with a blue helmet, and then another with a black shield; and at the 10-second mark in this video swinging at a green-helmeted man and later fracturing the military-style helmet of another.

“Bike lock man” smacks others in this video from Live Leak, and at his mask comes off.

As a cybercrime researcher at University College London, he has studied ransomware, online-dating scams and money laundering.

In May, his team published two papers exploring how hate speech and fake news are spread around the Internet, focusing on the notorious but popular 4chan message boards.

Frequent instances of violence this year by communist terrorists in Berkeley have observers from all sides of the political spectrum asking when local police will step in to prevent more people from getting hurt.

So we wanted to understand whether this is true, and to what extent they actually influence the rest of the web. We selected /pol/, the politically incorrect board, which is where most alt-right users gather and discuss their world-views.

We started by trying to understand the dynamics of these populations and this service.

In a March 2016 college lecture at Fort Lewis College, a taxpayer-funded institution, Professor Clanton defended theft to students—deeming property law “problematic,” further elaborating that shoplifting may be a political act.

Like many in the larger antifascist community, Clanton supports “restorative justice,” which burdens victims of crimes as well as their families.

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