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When the 75 seats for the event filled up, people sat cross-legged on the floor and stood, several rows deep, along the side of a small stage.Russo and Owens-Reid read versions of their own coming-out stories aloud from the pages of .Even if she had, the few parenting books available at the time may have made her mother feel worse, not better.Their approach was largely clinical and gloomy, and escorted the parent through a grieving process and toward Now, in 2014, the Internet is awash in parenting blogs.On video, the pair lip-synch to pop songs and respond to questions from viewers left by voicemail.

He was part of the ensemble cast for four years and helped the show take home an Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program in 2009.Liam Lowery, a young transgender man and law student, recounted the thrills and terrors of realizing he was transgender through stealthily watching "The L Word" in high school.Each reference to an "L Word" plotline was greeted by peals of laughter. Jenny Owen Youngs, the 32-year-old folk singer who is also Russo’s wife, read a letter published on Everyone Is Gay last year, in which she announced she is “super gay.” She never publicly addressed her sexuality before, she said, due in part to “dusty old feelings” from her religious childhood: “that there is something wrong, something bad, something less-than about being gay.”“It brings me no pleasure to admit to you that I have felt these feelings.” or, “I want to talk to the other gay girl at my high school without being awkward. ” Other questions illuminate darker worries: there’s the caller who is worried she might be going to hell for being gay, or the guy who isn’t sure how to come out, because his sister already came out as gay, and their parents turned out not to be accepting.In a world where asking a person of the same sex out on a date is scarcely mentioned, let alone made light of by two women who have presumably done that before, the humor is as nurturing to a young gay soul as the advice.

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