Blackbook dating uk

It also means it's not the most eloquent at all times.I'm giving the book a 5 because for me it's already improved my dating/flirting life.The author always says, in his book, that is is very important to never show a woman if you really like her.Always tease her about some things, never tell her something of your affection.Furthermore, by looking at the book, I more and more get the opinion that Mr.Xuma honestly has no real clue about how to seduce.I've read a couple other books on "seducing women" and I found them completely disgusting.

and it gives men advice how to be more successful with women.

I have to say, I completely disagree with the other reviewer.

I think Carlos has presented very clearly and effectively the dynamics of dating - which, as we all know, are very, very tricky. Rather, I think it's better described as a collection of principles that Carlos believes will help make dating easier and more effective.

Another I read was about very specific techniques to try out on women.

They probably work for some, but frankly, I found them too hard to remember.

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