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Triticale is a hybrid grain made of both rye and durum wheat.

It was first bred during the late-19th century when European laboratories were looking to create a grain with the high yield of a wheat, but with the disease and environmental tolerance of a heartier rye.

The earliest releases in the series first came out in 2014.“The inspiration came from former master distiller (Jerry Dalton).

He prided himself on ‘thinking outside the barrel,’” Noe explains, “while researching and developing six different whiskies that had similarities to the standard Jim Beam grains.”Besides that aforementioned Triticale which I truly loved, other Harvest Collection releases so far have included Brown Rice, Soft Red Wheat, Six Row Barley, and Whole Rolled Oat.

For the past century triticale has been mainly used as livestock feed, but as of late it’s finally being looked at as a consumer-viable crop. This grain is the centerpiece of Jim Beam’s latest small-batch bourbon—simply called Triticale—which tastes unlike any whiskey I’ve ever had before.“Imagine a sandwich made with wheat bread on one side and rye on the other—that’s Triticale,” Fred Noe, master distiller for Jim Beam told me.

“(Using triticale for this bourbon) brings about moderate spice notes on the nose, a mild cereal taste with vanilla and light oak, and a warm light-bodied finish.”This is actually more exciting that it may sound because, for the longest time, American whiskey-makers have been incredibly stubborn about what goes into their products.

You'll definitely want to leave the babies with the babysitter before you go to experience the adults-only atmosphere of public drinking, likely profanity and possible partial nudity on Bourbon Street after dark.

Though the world knows of the notoriety of Bourbon Street, New Orleans residents tend to point out that it is just a small part of the city, and encourage visitors to explore the rest of New Orleans outside of this narrow corridor.

“Thankfully, when I finally dug into those barrels, it was a pleasant surprise to find such interesting bourbons.”Buffalo Trace—the distillery of the vaunted Pappy Van Winkle—has been secretly playing around with unique grains too, mainly as part of their Experimental Collection which was first launched in 2006.“Our experiments are more for our personal learning than anything else,” Amy Preske of Buffalo Trace told me.You’ll still be able to search, browse and read our articles, but you won’t be able to register, edit your account, purchase content, or activate tokens or eprints during that period.‘Triticale’ was a mystery word to me—as it many be to many of you—until earlier this fall when I drank a bourbon made with triticale…and had my mind blown by its truly unique flavor.If you're imbibing, try to keep your consumption at a reasonable level.Remain aware of your surroundings, avoid the side streets and stick with a group.

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