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The collection donated to the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, by Frank and Pamela Hickley, reflects their dedication to collecting Dehua porcelain over the past 30 years. Ip Yee, provide a valuable scholastic resource and a rival to collections around the world.

It comprises more than 160 pieces, including a wide range of shapes and rare as well as popular pieces, dating from as early as the Song dynasty. Hardcover with dust jacket: 132 pages, 160 objects depicted in colour, Introductory Remarks by Rose Kerr, Pamela Hickley by Heidi Tan, Blanc de Chine by John Ayers, Blanc de Chine in Archaeological Perspective by Chuimei Ho, A Note on the Construction of Dehua Figures by Kenson Kwok, Dehua Porcelain in the collection of Augustus the Strong in Dresden by Eva Strober, Catalogue by Heidi Tan and Bibliography Language: English ISBN:1-58886-016-7 Size: 11-3/16” x 9-1/4” Condition: Used, dust jacket having traces of sun bleaching, minor signs of use and wear otherwise excellent condition.

Churchill has a long history of supplying tableware to both the hospitality and retail markets, building a reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of quality products. In more recent years it has acquired Queen's, famous for its finely made bone china; and James Sadler, the master of teapots.

Churchill's investment in logistics and working effectively with suppliers means that product is always of an impeccable standard.

This eclecticism and the provenance of many pieces, for example from the private collections of Edward T. Blanc de Chine: The Great Porcelain of Dehua Author: Robert H.

Blumenfield Publisher: Ten Speed Press, Berkeley 2002 Description: Beginning in the mid-thirteenth century, the kilns of Dehua, capital of the Fujian Province in southeast China, began producing brilliant white porcelain pieces, the likes of which had never been seen before.

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For the novice collector, Blumenfield details the differences between true blanc de Chine and other, less distinguished white wares.

Blanc De Chine: Porcelain from Dehua A catalogue of the Hickley Collection, Singapore Authors: Rose Kerr and John Ayers Publisher: Art Media Resources, Ltd., Chicago 2002 (first edition) Description: Dehua porcelain or Blanc de Chine as it is known to the West, is pure ivory-white porcelain made at the Dehua kilns in the Southern Chinese province of Fujian.

It rose to international significance around the 17th century and inspired aristocratic patronage in the development of European porcelain, Its popularity at home and abroad continued and the kilns at Dehua remain prolific to this day.

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