Dating shy quiet girls

And almost all girls feel safe, and dare I say it, even confident around them. They hardly talk, and they’re really good at just listening to the girl. We definitely love a cute shy guy who can just watch us, smile to himself and listen to everything we have to say.

[Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out] Do girls like shy guys? But almost always, girls fall for a shy guy when they’re still in school or college, and definitely not in a workplace.

All of us have been shy guys and shy girls at some point of time.

Some lose that trait in their childhood while others lose it in their teens.

#2 Shy guys are very accommodating and give in to any problem just to avoid any kind of conflict.

[Read: 10 traits of a good boyfriend] #1 A guy who can protect her #2 A guy she can depend on #3 A guy who can pursue her Now these three things that every girl needs may seem simple, but this is where almost every shy guy fails.

Do you realistically think you have the bold presence of a guy who can protect the girl from any trouble when she’s with you?

I was a shy girl once too and I know how hard it can be to change.

But the only way to have better opportunities in life is by trying hard to eliminate that shy side of yours.

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