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To be confident, you have to fall in love with yourself first and what you have. Men who are Themselves Women hate hypocritical men, he wants to eat beans on an outing, but he’s acting different because of her. Women enjoy men who take the lead, stop her by the rolex stand and get your 2 egg rolex and continue with her.Be calm on your first date with her, never be nervous…. Don’t be a goof, show her that you don’t necessarily need her.You know what, notice a girl who’s splendid, compliment her on her dress then show her there’s still room for improvement, something like; “What a nice blue dress, BUT it would be wow, if you had lilac jewelry match it.” You praise and disqualify, you tease her. Don’t Get Emotional Women are people of tests, she can even coin up a stupid assumption that you are cheating on her to see how you handle the whole situation.Once again, fall back to the confidence zone and never get emotional. Live an Active and Full Life Here’s the problem, many men tend to forget that they had a life before they met a certain girl.They change their dress code and even dump their male friends just to create time for her. If she asks you to meet her on a Tuesday, push it to a Wednesday. Get a hobby, play a sport, have something that takes you up. You are not her maid, you are her man, there’s a difference. Be Mysterious Men tend to remove the mystery once they get a girl. Your Girlfriend should never know the next card you are about to play.Wake up on a Monday morning and surprise her with an outing to Munyonyo, yes, on a Monday when she expects you to be at work, you surprise her.Here’s a difference, not like Girls like Bad Boys, but bad boys know how to be MEN, Nice guys on the other hand are what we would describe as wussies, door-mats for these ladies to step on.From my experience, Girls look out for the following in MEN. They want confident men People think money, muscles get you the girls….

I know it’s not logical, I get it, but women don’t choose mates on logic. Women choose mates by their level of attraction they have for them (unless they are money hungry women after you for only your wallet) and not for what you can give them in return.

Because these guys trigger an attraction inside these women. I’m not saying you have to treat women terribly to make them feel attraction for you, but you don’t have to cater to a woman’s every need.

Women would rather date a poor guy with no money who’s charming, funny, cocky and just a fun date than a guy who’s rich, buy them things and is stuffy and boring.

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