David desrosiers dating

Hey guys, you were all so understanding before about the hiatus and I thank you so much for that.

We haven't spoken in months and I'm not about to change that now." Pierre said, surprising himself with how confident he felt, being as in reality, he was shaking like the captain of the titanic."Pie-" Pierre panicked as the voice on the other end of the phone kept talking, and hung up.but he couldn't handle taking on even that little burden right now or he might crash. I know now that you were just confused, and that's why you have left him to come home, but this confusion could cause you to become overwhelmed, and well... I know exactly what you're trying to say so don't bother saying it. If there was one thing he couldn't take it was people treating him like he was broken. He looked into the face of the woman that was supposed to be there to provide comfort, and saw only narrow-minded bigotry. I think it's time you learned a thing or two about life. WELL YOU' RE GONNA HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT IF THOSE THINGS MAKE YOU A FAILURE AS A MOTHER THAN CONGRATULATIONS YOU' RE A FAILURE. David slammed the door and fell back onto his bed, swinging his feet up. He would get rid of it at all costs, and then he could stop again. The voices faded as he walked down the hall."You're killing a part of her without her even knowing it exists! She shouldn't have this so called, part, to begin with!Anyway, what mattered now was that for the time being, Angie was safe, David and Pierre were safe, and he was safe. David tilted his neck and felt his head rest on the cold hard bricks of the alley wall. David was probably already starting to move on from Pierre and soon he could live a happy, healthy life without him, the way it should be. " Pierre shut the bedroom door and sighed, crossing the room to sit on the edge of the bed."They at it again?So he pulled himself up off the ground, and wiped his eyes. " Pierre's voice broke off and tears rolled down his cheeks as he released everything he'd been thinking about the situation.It wasn't ideal having all of this to worry about, considering he was going through a lot on his own at the moment with David and their parents and everything. Pierre reluctantly lifted his head from David and even though he felt like crying for days, he did what he'd always done and what he knew he had to do; be strong for everyone else.

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