Harry potter and ginny weasley dating fanfiction

I don't know if I'm very comfortable with you doing that with my boyfriend, Hermione," said Ginny, blushing, "Professor, I'll do it.""Ginny! Weasley."Well, do you want our lives the way we know them to cease to exist or do you want me to have a baby? ""It would be kind of weird, but we'd be saving the wizarding world," said Hermione."Um... I will not have you cheating on me with some other girl even if it IS to save the world! " asked Ginny, apparently clueless."From what I get from it, it means something about a baby that prevents Voldemort from ever coming back," said Harry."Let me get Hermione," said Ginny.Harry and Ginny broke up publicly at the end of HBP, but what about privately?She didn't let go of his hand, which made Harry really regret what he was going to have to do very soon…"I mean, everything is so surreal," he said, wondering how exactly one was supposed to say the things that he had to say."But I'm trying to not let it drown me like it did… Ginny led Harry up the stairs and pulled him into the bedroom that she and Hermione shared. meaning Ginny would have to sacrifice herself for her child just as Harry's mother did.

Hermione held back a sigh, wishing that this train ride were as noisy and fun as previous ones had been.Unfortunately for Harry, or rather fortunately for his resolve, Ginny caught sight of him.She stood up and crossed the room to wrap her arms around him. " she asked huskily, sympathy clear in her tone, but underlined by her worry for him.This is the tale of two teenagers, and their secret and sordid relationship!The first chapter is a bit tame, but things quickly change, and the rating is well earned.

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