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Women does the same for men but wonders how long and thick his P*nis is .

An addiction is "a pathological relationship with a mood-altering substance, item, thing, etc."That said, you are watching pathology up close and personal. The word "excuse" simply doesn't apply, but there isn't a much better word.

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In this sexual addiction, the man sees women as good and bad--Madonna's and whores.

In the chase of the new partner, he longs for the good mother.

When you see a pretty woman you undress her in your mind and wonder what her pelvic hair color is. Plz can anyone explain what a sex addiction is as an EX used that as an excuse to cheat. Would joining a dating site the day we split be considered a part of the " addiction" so to speak !! Excuse or reason...matters not anymore...he's an Ex. But if you are just curious what his problem was....maybe this is it. Peter Trachtenburg surveyed many men who admitted to having affairs and came up with patterns of emptiness in men who could not be faithful.

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