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Furthermore, in the absence of such a withdrawal, all such priority claims remain valid for the divisional, even if the applicant provides an incorrect or incomplete priority claim when filing the divisional application.If a copy and have been filed in respect of the parent application before the divisional application is filed, it is not necessary to file the priority documents again in respect of the divisional application.A priority claimed in the parent application also applies to the divisional application, provided that the parent application's priority has not been lost or withdrawn by the date the divisional application is filed; it is not necessary to claim it formally a second time.The priority claim can be withdrawn in respect of the divisional application (F‑VI, 3.5; ).However, this withdrawal will have no effect on the priority claim of the parent application.Similarly, any withdrawal of the priority claim of the parent application after the filing of the divisional application has no effect on the priority claim of the divisional application.If the subject-matter of the divisional application relates only to some of the priorities claimed in the parent application, priority documents in respect of the divisional application need be filed for those priorities only.

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