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Any type of introduction can work, as long as the potential couples click, she said.Regardless of how two people meet, there needs to be a "chemical reaction" — the spark, she said.Dating Web sites netted roughly 0 million in 2004, up from million three years earlier. monthly online visits rose 22 percent in July compared to the same month last year, though the category is just under 1 percent of online traffic, according to Hitwise, a company that monitors Internet use.Revenue growth has slowed in recent years, but the industry maintains a strong base of customers, the Pew study said. Although online daters make up only a small portion of all adults online, they still represent millions of customers. The sites range from those appealing to all singles, such as Yahoo!However, baby boomers, people born between 19, may be warming up to dating sites."We're finding large growth of baby boomers using online dating services," Mr. "Baby boomers in the last year and half, two years, have been the largest growing segment.", one of the more popular dating sites, reported that baby boomers are its fastest growing segment, having grown by more than 340 percent since 2000.As of March, 14.86 percent of the Web site's visible profiles in the U. are in their 50s, 4.44 percent are in their 60s, and 0.65 percent are 70 or older, according to Tracy said he does not see interest in online dating decreasing in the future, though it may have peaked."Our feeling right now is the online dating industry has basically plateaued," Mr. New users are joining Web sites, while others are finding companions and leaving the sites.

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As expanding technology, such as Web-surfing cell phones, offer more options, Dr.Besides subscription-based services, people can meet potential companions on social networking sites, such as My Online daters tend to be younger, with Internet users 18 to 29 years old most likely to visit dating sites."Never before have you had access to so many people and so many options."Five years ago or so, people would not acknowledge their use of online dating out of fear there was something odd about their choice, said Pepper Schwartz, a relationship expert for, a dating Web site. In correspondence online daters send, "it seems one of the things people mention in one way or another is they do let people know how they found each other," said Dr.Schwartz, a University of Washington professor of sociology and author of the book, "Finding Your Perfect Match."The popularity of online dating has been growing fast, judging by the amount of money spent on the sites.

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