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Clips of his songs Karma, Spiritual and Circle of Friends appeared on the Kathy Griffin's reality TV Cable show My Life on the D-List on Bravo. Josh Zuckerman's song, Be Real was played on Be Real, a reality TV series on MTV/Logo TV. The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Cover - Josh Zuckerman's second album, Out From Under, was released in 2006. The album features Steve De Vito of The Secret Syde. He has donated performances to various New York City Charities, including Life Beat, for the GLBT Community to raise funds for HIV prevention and research. The music video for Out From Under was ranked #1 for 8 consecutive weeks for 2006 on MTV Logo's The Click List and ranked #4 for 4 consecutive weeks for 2006 on Sirius XM Out Q. Dallas - Posted July 22, 2010, "While he’s touring to support Got Love? Zuckerman has performed alongside musical artists; such as, Macy Gray, The Indigo Girls, Sophie B. Josh Zuckerman's music videos, Something Inside and Be Real, found heavy rotation on the MTV / Logo Channel. , his music and videos have received attention on both Logo TV and its parent network, MTV. Zuckerman performed local and inter-state shows with the defunct band China White from 1990 to 1996. He went solo in 1996 and toured extensively, while he also performed with the group, Up With People from 1996 through 1998.

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Josh Zuckerman's motto, from his website, is: "Be who you are, Be Real, it’s all about love..." Josh Zuckerman was raised in St. At the age of eight he was introduced to violin, which he studied for the next five years, while Zuckerman's interest moved to rock’n roll. '(Joan Jett) and these artists had really strong hooks and melodies, which is what I focus on with my music, in terms of hooks and chorus," he said. 'Back in those days, people really put on a show.' As a child of the 80s, Zuckerman remembers these artists very well and 20 years later tries to incorporate these antics into his own musical and performance stylings." Before his recording music career, Josh Zuckerman was a teacher at Highlands Elementary School in Highlands, New Jersey. It is a CD of original music geared to children of early elementary school age. Josh Zuckerman (born August 18, 1970) is an American performer, musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. Background Static Of Perpetual Discontent - 2014 Tracks 1. In 2014, Josh Zuckerman released his fifth original, studio album titled - Background Static of Perpetual Discontent. Some of his original music has been featured on TV shows. , Out From Under, A Totally New Sensation and the single All I Want For Christmas with the former band '-China White', with friend and drummer, Paul Galiszewski. Josh Zuckerman writes, records and performs original music and plays the guitar, violin and some piano.

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