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But this is Dubai, you're not here for peace and quiet.


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Because the building will be the first cable-tethered structure of its height, the wind tests had to be tailored to accommodate the tower's unprecedented size and shape.

And low flying aircraft droning constantly overhead.

And then from about two in the afternoon until dark there is the ear-splitting din of massive jet skis whizzing back and forth across the bay, as loud as Formula One cars, ridden mostly (I was told) by the sons of the sheikh and their friends.

Kitty loved that pool, almost as much as she loved the young Keralan hotel worker who looked after us. When I asked how long it would be till he became a manager and was able to bring his wife over, he said cheerily and without rancour, "Oh, never. Although the view while you're paddling is a bit rum as you look across the bay at the celebrated man-made archipelago known as The Palm, a giant, grey belt of construction work smeared across the horizon.

Mostly half-built and slummy looking, with assorted link bridges to the mainland, rammed at all hours of the day and night with howling traffic jams.

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