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Charter, Time Warner Cable and Bright House, reported as separate companies, are now a single entity, for example. government defunded the “public facing side” of the National Broadband Map, Zimmer said.

Broadband Now operates a website that enables consumers to enter their zip code and see which providers offer service there and at what speeds and price levels. The National Broadband Map was created to help in making policy decisions, but also was designed, initially at least, as a consumer tool.

Even though both Level 3 and XO offered high-speed connections, a substantial portion of their business customers apparently purchased service at slower speeds.

Broadband Now’s complete list of fastest average U.

news broke that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox had made an eighty-billion-dollar bid to acquire Time Warner, it looked like a throwback to the days when the media business was dominated by high-profile moguls obsessed with aggressive takeovers.

In recent years, content companies have become more sedate and disciplined, focussing on efficiency rather than on acquisitions.

“M-Labs is one of the more trusted speed test tools,” said Jameson Zimmer, director of content for Broadband Now, in an email to Telecompetitor.

And he streamlined, spinning off his publishing assets into News Corp and putting the rest into Fox.

Some were pushed out by restive shareholders, some gave up, some got old.

And the men who replaced them—people like Jeffrey Bewkes, at Time Warner—adopted a very different approach.

But, from the nineteen-eighties until around a decade ago, they tended to be run by C. O.s who were largely indifferent to shareholders and unfettered by boards of directors.

Moguls like Ted Turner, Sumner Redstone, and Murdoch himself did pretty much whatever they wanted—which, most of the time, meant doing deals and building empires.

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