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Giving away any additional details would be wrong -- the discovery is most of the fun!Taking an Incline ride is an out-of-towner’s delight, but it can be a total blast to play tourist in your own city. The self-guided Pittsburgh Art in Public Places tour steers you to 115 works of art in Downtown and the Northside, and provides you and your date with hours of aesthetic delights.We plan trips to destinations all around the world.You’ll meet other single members from other Events & Adventures locations while checking that dream vacation off your bucket list. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true.Or you could head to Seven Springs for your own private sleigh ride. The last Saturday of every month, this dive bar in Lawrenceville rents out roller skates to patrons, turning the whole place into a full-on roller disco.

If you're the kind of person who dons their best winter woollies and heads out into the snow, we have some fun date ideas for you and if you prefer to hide inside, there's a date idea for you too.Bonus: Without the use of your phone, you’ll have to focus on each other (and, of course, the trivia).There are plenty of amazing rooftop experiences in the city, but Il Tetto offers one of the most enchanting, with twinkling lights and a beautiful view overlooking Penn Ave.In fact, our private club is designed exclusively just for singles.Events and Adventures acts as a personal event planner for each of our members.

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