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It seems as though one Soundcloud user gave the Biebs a buzz and recorded the cover off his phone! Listen for yourself (below): Justin was sure to throw some shameless self-promotion in there, too!

As an agency with a long history of active volunteers and community support, it is easy to find people who have been, or who currently are a vital part of MVFB&ES.

Each year we provide families in our area with holiday food items; such as, turkeys, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, canned sweet potatoes, etc.

We also help by having a holiday gift store where parents in need can come and choose Christmas gifts for their children.

Physical violence usually does not occur in isolation and is used after other abusive behaviors are already present in the relationship.

Please contact us for more information at 425-432-8633.

After a recent storm, a tree on my property fell and damaged my neighbor's fence. Yes, because notification that you did file and were denied can mean that your insurance premium could increase, or that your policy could even be dropped altogether.

Blocks doorways, throws things, abuses pets/animals, drives recklessly, and/or displays weapons.

Obsessive amounts of texts, calls, or contact in person or online Threats: Saying they will hurt you, others, or themselves (suicide) if the relationship ends.

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