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How long is it from the time you ovulate until your period starts?If it is less than 10 days (and ideally at least 12 days), your baby can’t implant.Make sure to watch this video ((or at least read the show notes)) Expert advice on vitex.) It may be worthwhile to look into taking B vitamins too (available on Amazon).There are B-complex supplements, or Brewer’s Yeast is a great whole foods supplement (mix into smoothies, baked goods, or take as a pill).), which means it can be difficult to predict when you are fertile. As your baby gets older and begins to nurse a bit less often, especially once your baby sleeps through the night (at least mostly), your body will begin to get fertile again.Unless you want to have sex every other day ALL MONTH LONG (and maybe you do! But what is a woman who is trying to conceive to do? Many women are able to get pregnant once they are only breastfeeding 2 – 4 times per day instead of 10 – 12 times. That means, you need to track your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical position, cervical texture, and cervical mucus.

Cookies remember your choices and tailor content especially for you (as Kylie & Jason might say) and by being here you consent to their use.If you are charting BBT, you will notice a sustained thermal shift (3 days or longer of higher temps) of .2 or .3 degrees AFTER your ovulation.This isn’t helpful in conceiving when you first notice it, as it’s “too late” at that point, but it does confirm that you ARE ovulating. If you’re not ovulating, you may need to make a choice.And if you do ovulate, the smaller number of matured follicles produce less progesterone, leading to low levels (progesterone is very important in sustaining a pregnancy and is responsible for a lot of the morning sickness and fatigue you feel during pregnancy) and possibly a short luteal phase (shorter than 10 days and the embryo doesn’t have time to implant before your period starts).It’s why exclusive breastfeeding really can be VERY effective birth control for some women! There’s also the chance that even if your cycles have returned that they are still not normal and regular (for the above reasons!

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