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Opinion polls show almost 60 percent of the French support same-sex marriage but less that half want to let gay couples adopt children, which is part of the reform.

Catholic bishops began demanding a public debate on the reform last summer and were soon joined by leaders of the Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and Orthodox Christian communities.

#Je Suis Charlie.”That night, Ben Ahmed left his house, in the suburbs outside Paris, and went into the city to join tens of thousands of people at a vigil.

He is of Algerian and Tunisian descent, with dark skin, and a few white extremists spat threats at him, but Ben Ahmed ignored them—France was his country, too.

For decades a bastion of the old working class and the Communist Party, the 93 is now known for its residents of Arab and African origin.

To many Parisians, the 93 signifies decayed housing projects, crime, unemployment, and Muslims.

Although the alienated, impoverished immigrant communities outside Paris are increasingly prone to anti-Semitism, the profiles of French jihadists don’t track closely with class. He found the satirical magazine to be vulgar and not funny, and to him it seemed fixated on Islam, but he didn’t think that its contributors did real harm.

One of its cartoonists, Stéphane Charbonnier, also drew for a children’s paper to which Ben Ahmed subscribed for his two kids.

While the Catholic hierarchy has not officially backed next Sunday’s protest, eight bishops plan to join the march, 25 have encouraged Catholics to attend it and another 40 have defended it, the Catholic daily La Croix reported.

President Francois Hollande and his government clashed with the Catholic Church last weekend, telling Catholic schools not to discuss the law with their pupils and urging state education officials to report anti-gay discussions at Catholic schools.

“We will protest on January 13 by joining a pluralist campaign to preserve the traditional framework of marriage,” the Muslim activists’ letter said.

“We invite all French Muslims to turn out in large numbers.” The UOIF statement also urged Muslims to join the “March for All”, the Paris protest against the reform the government has dubbed “Marriage for All”.

“This bill, if it passes, will disrupt family and social structures and civil law dangerously and irreparably,” it said.

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