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Marcus Hutchins now faces months battling the American courts and could be jailed for 40 years if found guilty of taking part in a hacking conspiracy to steal bank details.The Devon-born computer expert, who lives with his mum and dad, was held as he tried to leave the US on a first class Virgin Atlantic flight two days ago.The judge said Marcus is not a danger to the community and has sufficient community support to not be a flight risk.Hutchins was arrested Wednesday while returning home from the Def Con convention for computer security professionals.They have found tweets where he asks for samples of the malware he is accused of creating.Some have said that the way he killed off the Wanna Cry 'ransomware' that swept across the globe embarrassed America's own security services.Mr Hutchins is likely to have to pay a huge bail to be released and will not be able to leave America.His friends and supporters say that he has been set up.

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A Las Vegas federal judge has set bail of ,000 for 23-year-old Hutchins.

Janety Hutchins added that she is 'outraged' by the charges and has been 'frantically calling America' trying to contact her son from Devon.

Some are using the hashtag #freemalwaretech and say he was arrested in America to avoid extradition proceedings in the UK.

Hutchins, from Ilfracombe, Devon, plans to plead not guilty to all six counts of creating and distributing the Kronos malware, his lawyer said after his hearing in Las Vegas on Friday.

The 23-year-old, who found a 'kill-switch' that derailed the attack that crippled the NHS in May, was granted bail under strict conditions that he pay 30,000 dollars (£23,000) and remain in the US.

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