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is an anime series directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Akira Sugino.It was written by Junki Takegami and produced by Animax network president Masao Takiyama.However, when ADV released these titles, they scrappe...― I noticed something cool about the current anime season this week.I normally start falling behind on the shows in my streaming queue at around the six-week mark, but at the moment I'm still up to date on everything I'...― Hyouka's first half presented a stunning statement of purpose, combining great character writing and subtle reflections on identity with some of the most exemplary visual execution in TV anime.

Offensively, user can create vortexes to suck in objects.

Sub-power of Dimensional Manipulation, Portal Manipulation, and Spatial Manipulation. This may be done in a very neat manner, such as connecting two doorways in the universe, or it may be done very sloppily like breaking a rift in the space time continuum.

They may use Dimensional Manipulation to tear a tiny hole through two universes, use Spatial Manipulation to overlap two points in the universe or open a black hole or a worm hole connecting those two points. Manifold (Marvel Comics) possesses the mutant ability to mold reality, to tear open space and time connecting one place to another thus allowing him to teleport to just about anywhere in the universe.

Well-known for his rich, deep voice, Jouji Nakata huge voice acting resu...― With short runtimes and plenty of ambition, independent animation is the perfect way to experience new developments and ideas within animation.

With the Japanese anime industry constantly seeking out new talents,...― Chris asked: After watching Strawberry panic and Maria sama watches over us, I was wondering how popular Christianity is in Japan.

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