Updating records of search strings

Afterwards, go to mapping part of the menu, clear all entries in the column “Target” and write instead of these entries UA-B, which represents a posting rule for bank charges (please, refer to the figure below): In order to test your search string, enter your sampe text (note to payee from bank statement) in the and add the following entry: Please, specify on this tab for which combination of company code, house bank and account ID this posting rule will be applicable.

Afterwards, specify 110 (or another BTC code) as external transaction code, sign of the transaction (positive or negative), as well as interpretation algorithm assigned to target posting rule (e.g. In my case, we do not use any algorightms, therefore this field was left blank.

Among those limited sources, I would like to recommed a great document on search string for EBS by Nitesh Patel: Search String for EBS (Electronics bank statement) Standard functionality of EBS implies that you have performed mapping and assigned external Business Transaction Codes (hereinafter referred to as BTC codes) to internally defined posting rules.

However, some banks cannot provide you with the list of BTC codes or use just one BTC code for all transactions.

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For example, in Ukraine there is a legal requirement that payment order should containt tax number 2 as mandatory requisite.below you can find sample of MT940 statement from Ukrainian banks.As you can see, customer’s bank account can be found in the subfield 33 whereas subfield 23 contains bank key and other information (MFO – local abbreviation for bank key, EDRPOU/OKPO – local reference to tax number 2 etc).Consequently, we can use this word for configuration of search string.In order to configure search string use the transaction OTPM or following menu path: SPRO → Financial Accounting (new) → Bank Accounting → Business Transactions → Payment Transactions → Electronic Bank Statement → Define Search String for Electronic Bank Statement.

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